Nike photo shoot has models running on the side of a tall building, and it’s freaking us out


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Sneaker manufacturers Nike recently commissioned a photo shoot to promote its new VaporMax footwear line and hired San Francisco-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong to devise a series of enthralling photos to encapsulate the brand. In order to capture the essence of an air-filled sneaker, Wong decided to hang his models off the side of a 30-story skyscraper in downtown Manila, Philippines and literally make them “fly.”

Von Wong documented the shoot in a blog post, saying that the models wore form fitted harnesses clipped by the side, so they could run along the side of the building. The photographer spent hours in a harness himself as he needed to be suspended off the roof in order to capture the intense action on film.

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Obviously, Wong edited out the wires and harnesses in the finished images, but seeing them in the unedited versions doesn’t diminish how absolutely bonkers they photos are.

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