Sister-in-law knows best!

Prince Harry officially confirmed his relationship with American actress Meghan Markle on Tuesday. Now that the cat is out of the bag, one of Harry’s family members is looking forward to meeting her.

“Kate is really keen to see what Meghan is all about,” an insider told US Weekly.

Sources say that the Duchess of Cambridge may get her chance to meet Markle very soon. She and Prince William will reportedly meet the “Suits” actress during her next trip to London.

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Markle plans to visit her beau in the U.K. before he leaves for his Caribbean tour at the end of this month. She was supposed to visit him this weekend, but decided against it after their relationship went public.

She reportedly has already met Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles, and cousin, Princess Eugenie.

“I’d call the visit a coming-out party. It would have been the first time some of his close friends got to meet her,” another source said. “It went really well. Everyone loved Meghan.”

The couple has reportedly been dating since June.

Now that Prince Harry confirmed he’s dating Meghan Markle, one royal family member can’t wait to meet her Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images
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