Richard Overton Home Reno GoFundMe: Help Richard Overton

Richard Overton, America’s oldest WWII vet recently received the present of a lifetime.

The kind folks at Meals on Wheels Central Texas Home Repair have stepped in to renovate his Austin home so he can stay put in the neighborhood he loves. After serving in WWII, Overton returned to his beloved house and has stayed there for over 70 years. But as he’s gotten older, its become more difficult for him to make his way around the house.

When his neighbors heard word that Overton was on the brink of being force into a assisted living facility, the community rallied to help him stay in his home. After just a few weeks of campaigning and a lot of media attention, Overton’s family raised over $100,000 to help pay for in-home care.

Now, with the added help from Meals on Wheels, Overton will now get to live out the rest of his days in a safe and happy home.

Meals on Wheels is currently in charge of many similar projects throughout the Austin area. Since 2012, the team has renovated over 194 homes.

According to KVUE, some of the most important improvements for Overton’s home are the bathroom and the outdated 1940 wiring. They are also replacing carpet and flooring and widening doorways. The renovation should only take a couple of weeks to complete.

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