Olivia Wilde Relives Custody Paper Embarrassment, Wins Legal Battle

The actress/writer/director accusing ex-boyfriend Jason Sudekis of coordinating her to receive custody papers onstage as a ‘threat.’

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Olivia Wilde is accusing ex-boyfriend Jason Sudekis of coordinating her to receive custody papers onstage as a “threat.”

Olivia Wilde claims in court documents that Sudekis sought to “embarrass” her. He orchestrated her receiving the papers in the “most aggressive way possible,” Daily Mail reports.

The wildly publicized incident took place during CinemaCon in April during a discussion with Olivia Wilde. A woman approached the actor/writer/director, dropped an envelope, and told informed her that they were court papers.

Deadline reported that it they were papers for custody of two children she shares with Sudeikis.

The new court documents apparently corroborate the previous reports. The filings also show how Wilde and Sudekis’ friendly co-parenting agreement morphed into a nasty fight. The row involves her plans to move to London, home to her new boyfriend, Harry Styles, according to Daily Mail.

In April, Sudeikis’ representatives said he didn’t know that the serving would happen as it did.

“Mr. Sudeikis [didn’t know] the time or place that the envelope would have been delivered as this would solely be up to the process service company involved,” the statement reads. “He would never condone her [receiving the papers] in such an inappropriate manner.”

Meanwhile, Wilde, who split with Sudeikis in 2020 after they had two children, disputes that characterization. The couple disagree over the children’s permanent home state.

Additionally, Wednesday’s report notes that a judge recently ruled in favor of Wilde. The judge decided that the children’s home state is California — not New York, as Sudeikis argued.

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