Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson East reveals her miscarriage woes in heartbreaking video

Shawn Johnson East/YouTube/Screenshot

Gymnast Shawn Johnson East recently revealed that she has had a miscarriage — just a few days after announcing her pregnancy.

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The 25-year-old Olympic athlete shared a video titled “pregnancy + heartbreak” to her YouTube channel, in which she recounted her whirlwind 48 hours alongside husband Andrew East. “Today’s video is a little bit sensitive,” she said. “It’s not the happiest video but we feel like a lot of people go through it so we wanted to share it.”

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The video begins with Johnson East recording her reaction to a pair of positive pregnancy tests, and eventually revealing the happy news to her husband with a baby-sized pair of his favorite sneakers. “Definitely wasn’t planning this, but it’s really, really exciting!” she said. But the very next day, she began bleeding and suffering stomach pains, and the joy quickly turned to sadness. Johnson recorded her trip to the doctor’s office, where an ultrasound confirmed the heartbreaking news that she had miscarried.

“It’s been a roller coaster of a few days,” Johnson East told viewers. “We just got back from the doctor, and I’m no longer pregnant, somehow lost the pregnancy already. It sucks. Definitely no fun. I felt like, going into it, we didn’t even know if we were ready for it, we weren’t sure if we could do it, and we were overwhelmed.”

Watch the emotional video below:

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