One of the von Trapp kids from “The Sound of Music” shared secrets from behind the scenes of the iconic film

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Angela Cartwright is opening up about being a child star on the set of “The Sound of Music” and working with Hollywood icons Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

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The actress was just 13 years old when she landed the role in the 1965 film, and she recently shared some behind-the-scenes secrets from the set in a new interview with Fox News. Cartwright started her career in Hollywood working as Paul Newman’s daughter in “Somebody Up There Likes Me” and later moved to commercials and modeling before landing a role on “The Danny Thomas Show.”

After “The Danny Thomas Show,” she landed “The Sound of Music.”

“I don’t think anybody had a clue it was going to be a hit. It was at a time when the studios were just trying to make good movies. And Robert Wise was such a brilliant director,” she told the publication. “It all just fell into place.”

Cartwright described the scene backstage as “heaven” and said she was happy to finally have other children to socialize with between takes.

“The film was just an amazing journey. And filming in Salzburg was so wonderful. It really was a magical time. It took a year, but we were given plenty of rehearsal time. We knew those songs and dances inside and out,” she said.

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Cartwright also opened up about working with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. It was rumored that Plummer didn’t like children, and even though the Cartwright thought the rumors were true, she still loved working with him.

Clockwise from top left are, Charmain Carr (Liesl), Debbie Turner (Marta), Kym Karath (Gretl), Duane Chase (Kurt), Angela Cartwright (Brigitta), Julie Andrews (Maria von Trapp), Heather Menzies (Louisa) and Nicholas Hammond (Freidrich). (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

“I always really liked Chris, though. He was very sweet to me. It’s not like he was hateful or anything like that on set. He wasn’t. But I do think he was a lot more standoffish perhaps than Julie was,” she said. Cartwright also said she loved working with Andrews.

“I loved her. We all did. You can kind of tell in the movie. We totally enjoyed her. She embraced us right from the very beginning. She sang to us in between takes, and we would dance. She just did ‘Mary Poppins,’ so she would sing all these songs from that film,” she recalled. “I mean, you can really tell that we adored her. She’s such a talent. She has such an amazing voice, and it really was a great experience.”

“The Sound of Music” fans may be surprised to hear that the location of the film, Salzburg, Austria, is a time capsule and still looks the way it did nearly 53 years ago.

“Everything looks the same, and it always feels like you’re stepping right into the film. A lot of people don’t think there’s a place as beautiful as that where you can actually go and visit. It’s the real deal,” Cartwright said.

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