One teen is proving she’s Beyoncé “flawless” with this celeb-inspired prom dress Instagram Screenshot

High school student India Ross, from St. Louis, Mo., is no stranger to the world of fashion.

For tons of young senior girls in her class and across the country, Senior Prom is their moment to get in formation and remain flawless.

“I had the perfect image in my mind,” Ross told Buzzfeed.

When pondering on how to make a grand exit from her high school, she was determined to leave an unforgettable imprint. So she bypassed prom websites like and Sherri Hill, instead looking to her role model, Beyoncé, for some inspiration.

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The Grammy-award winning singer graced the 2015 Met Gala in a jaw-dropping sheer and colorfully-embroidered Givenchy gown, leaving little to the imagination.

Ross immediately began collaborating alongside local designer Toi Hall, of Toi Box Couture, to recreate that same look.

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“I always [have planned] to open my own fashion retail store right here in St. Louis,” said Ross.

With Hall, the two have gotten one step closer to making her vision come to life, as she now plans to attend Columbia College in Chicago to study Fashion Design.

Ross’ Beyoncé-inspired dress received much attention from both her peers and fashion critics across the world.

“All those sleepless nights, back pains, and hate were worth it,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “I like to see how everyone feels about my idea. I appreciate the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

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