Content Warning: This story contains a photo of surgically removed skin.

“Teen Mom” Briana DeJesus is showing off her new body after undergoing a “mommy makeover” just two weeks ago.

The reality star visited the famed “Dr. Miami,” Dr. Michael Salzhauer, earlier this month and went under the knife to have a full tummy tuck, breast lift and shaping and contouring on her buttocks. DeJesus boasted about her new body in a few post-op photos shared on Twitter on Sunday.

“18 days post op! Progress!!!! Can’t wait to hit the gym next month!” she tweeted with the photos.

The mother of two captioned a few of the shots with “No more big butt” and “No more big boobs either.”

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On Feb. 3, DeJesus shared a graphic photo from inside the operating room which showed off her excess skin and old breast implants removed during the procedure.

“All that skin that I removed and my old implants! WOWWWW,” she wrote.

E! News caught up with Dr. Miami, who dished more about DeJesus’s procedures.

“I did a tummy tuck, a breast lift with an implant exchange because she did have implants from before. She wanted to be smaller, higher and perkier, so we changed her implants out for smaller ones,” he said and applauded her decision to be open about the choices she made to feel better in her skin. “I am happy that she’s sharing her journey with the world, because there are a lot of moms that want mommy makeovers, and they’re scared. Seeing somebody that they know, even if it’s through social media, go through it is helpful as far as educating people about it.”

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