Before His Death, Paul Walker Secretly Bought a $10K Wedding Ring For a Military Couple

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In the wake of one of the Fast and Furious’ most beloved star’s death, time has shed new light on the late actor that speaks volumes about his character. In 2004, Paul Walker was spending an afternoon in the Bailey Banks jewelers in Santa Barbara, California. He was not alone in the store. A newlywed couple was shopping that afternoon for their engagement ring. Kristen and Kyle Upham had actually already been married for a short amount of time. However, they had opted out of a large ceremony and diamond ring because Kyle was sent on his first tour of duty in Iraq.

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When the couple noticed the Fast and Furious star Paul Walker, the group exchanged pleasantries and a little bit about themselves. In a statement to CBS about the exchange, Kristen Upham told CBS: ‘When he found out Kyle just came back from Iraq – I remember seeing the look on his face. He kind of transformed.’

Kristen and Kyle Upham Recall the Special Day

As they perused the jewelry store that day, Kyle and Kristen found the perfect engagement ring. The only issue was the price. It was far too high for what they were wanting to pay. The ring they wanted was a shiny $10,000. They wanted the ring but ultimately, the military couple left the store without it.

Sometime after the encounter, the couple was called to return to the store. When they did one of the jewelry store clerks came up to them and presented a jewelry bag. Inside the bag was their dream engagement ring. The couple asked what was going on, but the jewelry store clerks wouldn’t give them any information as the who their benefactor was. After Walker’s death in a car accident in 2013, another store clerk, Irene King thought that the couple should know what a generous man the actor was.

Paul Walker and Meadow

According to King, Walker reached out to the manager of the jewelry store. He asked that the engagement ring that Kristen and Kyle Upham wanted to be put on his tab. He also asked that the ring be presented to them as an anonymous gift. For years the couple had a feeling that the actor might have been the gift giver. They had no clue until recently.

Kristen claims the ring is the most generous thing that has ever happened to her. The Upham’s remain grateful for the gift from Paul Walker. The world truly lost a kind soul.

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