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As a kid, my favorite thing to do was comb through my mom’s photo albums. On a rainy day stuck inside, she would lug all 12 of the photo books out of the closet and leave me to it. Older photo prints were nestled next to recent, high-quality photos of the family with a glossy finish, while some were printed on photo paper at home. My favorite snapshots, though, were the ones of my grandparents and great-aunts. Those retro prints, with their light leaks and sepia tones, are what I most remember about my family now, especially as relatives have passed away. I’ll never forget the photo of my great-grandmother, GG Hensler, with her stylish coif next to her husband in an old-school football uniform from the 1930s. Their retro style inspires me even now, and I’ll admit I’ve used a few retro photo effect apps to try and recreate those photos. Of course, I can’t get that vintage style just right, but those photo albums of my mother’s are still a crowd favorite to look at.

So if you’re ready to walk down memory lane with me, I’d like to welcome you to one of my favorite Instagram accounts: historycoolkids. As a total history buff (let’s talk about the history of wiffle ball), I’m a sucker for a good photograph from a different time. From the retro vintage style to the retro cameras themselves, I love it all and this account does an amazing job at curating these photos that otherwise, we’d probably never see again. I pulled together the 25 best posts lately for us all to enjoy.

1. Who needs a man?

2. Like a koozie, but a baby.

3. The ’70s are back in a big way.

4. Who else misses saddle shoes?

5. At least their mommas didn’t see them like that.

6. I’m obsessed with this swimsuit.

7. That really is a lot of potatoes.

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Miss Idaho photoshoot, 1935

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8. The first half-laptop perhaps?

9. Before Wikipedia, after the Dewey Decimal System.

10. Anyone still get ice this way? We know you’re out there…

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Delivering ice, 1918

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11. Struttin’ down Rodeo.

12. This is what people mean when they talk about iron lungs, kiddos.

13. Remember doing this?

14. With swimwear like this, the kids would be too afraid to go to the pool. 

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Swimming mask, 1920s edition #shapeofwater

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15. Don’t you just miss big hair?


16. The original male romper.

17. Let’s jump forward in time.

18. The true meaning of flat ironing your hair.

19. You could say the ’70s were a wild time.

20. I can just hear the wail.

21, The second photo is definitely the best.

22. Or is it just me, or all of these outfits are back in style.

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Summer, late 1920s

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23. There’s no Photoshop here.


24. Be thankful for the phone in your hand.

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Fixing your computer, 1948

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25. The LAPD goes female.

Did you enjoy this walk down memory lane as much as I did? Do you have any retro photo prints you’d like to share? Connect with our community on Facebook and post them on our wall!

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