Pink and Reese Witherspoon tell all in a game of “Never Have I Ever” with Ellen DeGeneres

YouTube/Ellen DeGeneres

Prepare to learn more about Reese Witherspoon, Pink and Ellen DeGeneres that you ever wanted to know.

On Wednesday, DeGeneres played a telling game of “Never Have I Ever” with two of her best girlfriends and secrets were shared! The TV host, who premiered her 15th season on Tuesday, started off with the hard hitting questions asking the women if they have ever “received or given a lap dance from a stranger.”

Pink and DeGeneres admitted to getting lap dances while Witherspoon said she had never.

Things got even raunchier when DeGeneres asked “never have I ever ‘done it’ in a public place.”

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“This is easy,” Pink laughed and proudly held up the “I Have” side of her sign.

“What is ‘it?'” Witherspoon smiled, bashfully and briefly flashed, “I Have.” “I will answer as long as there’s no follow up questions.”

“Where was your’s?” DeGeneres asked Pink.

She proudly proclaimed it was a park before DeGeneres turned to Witherspoon.

“I said no follow up questions!” Witherspoon laughed.

Witherspoon and Pink both admitted to snooping through their significant other’s phones, getting tattoos they regret, going topless at the beach and hooking up with someone while someone else was in the room, while DeGeneres claimed she had never done any of those things.

“Gosh, I’m such a prude!” she said.

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