Pink opens up about her daughter’s heartbreaking words that inspired her VMAs speech

INGLEWOOD, CA - AUGUST 27: Pink and Willow Hart attend the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 27, 2017 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Pink gave a moving speech about the meaning of beauty at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards after having a painful conversation with her 5-year-old daughter, Willow.

In the speech, Pink recounted the moment her daughter said she didn’t feel beautiful because she “looked like a boy with long hair.” On Wednesday, the singer talked about the mother-daughter conversation that inspired her speech on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

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“I was so speechless, and I didn’t want to mom her and start preaching to her and not be effective at all, so I just stayed quiet,” she told DeGeneres.

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“And I said, ‘Why do you think that? Did someone say that to you? What’s happening?’ And she’s like, ‘I just look like a boy with long hair.’ I just didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say. And I went home, I cried, and I made this Word document,” she continued.

Pink used images of Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Prince and herself to tell her daughter that people who look different have still been very successful without having to conform. She also thanked fellow musicians for continuing to change the way people view beauty.

“I get my feelings hurt. I get my feelings hurt all the time. It hurts,” Pink said to DeGeneres. “It doesn’t feel good to hear mean things about yourself, but if you’re human you’re going to hear it. If you’re past the age of 12, you will at some point be heartbroken by someone else. So I’m just trying to make her more resilient.”

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