While speaking with E! News, Michael Jackson’s 20-year-old son opened up about how he’s forging his own career in the music industry outside of his late father’s legacy.

Prince Jackson helps produce music, but on the visual side, working with artists to help visualize music videos. However, whenever people hear that he “produces,” they typically jump to the conclusion that he’s involved in producing actual tracks.

“It’s hard because people think that I’m going to dance, or people think that I’m going to sing,” he said. “And when they hear ‘music.’ or if they hear ‘producer,’ they’ll be like, ‘What song are you working on or who’s your artist’…I’m only on the visual side of production. So that part, I guess, it’s misleading for people.”

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While he’s trying to make his own way, looking back at his father’s music videos is still a huge inspiration for the young Jackson. Among his favorites are “Moonwalker” and “Smooth Criminal.”

“Since I was little, I knew I would be in the film industry,” he explained. “Growing up, I got to spend a decent amount of time on film sets either with my dad’s friends or when he was starting to work on the ‘This Is It’ tour. He was re-doing a lot of his videos, so I got to spend a lot of time on music video sets that were cinematically filmed.”

One thing he definitely didn’t inherit from the King of Pop, however, is the moonwalk.

“People have tried to teach me,” Prince laughed. “And I just can’t understand it.”

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Prince Jackson is stepping out of his late father’s shadow to leave his own mark on the music industry Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
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