A woman mourning her son opened up to Prince William in a new video about putting an end to cyberbullying posted to Kensington Royal’s Twitter account on Wednesday.

In the video, mother Lucy Alexander and teenager Chloe Hine both open up about their experiences with cyberbullying to William. Last year, Alexander opened up about her son Felix’s story. Felix took his own life following online abuse and Alexander hopes that by talking about it, it will help other parents cope with the loss of a child.

“I sort of feel that Felix has given me a job to do and my job is to make sure that we try and help as many other people like him,” she said.

Hine opened up about her own experience with bullying, too.

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“On social media you can’t escape it, you’re constantly with that bully,” Hine said. “People just turned against me because they thought ‘she said this one thing this one time so let’s all hate her for that’, and it just spiraled out of control from there.”

“It’s written down, so it’s there to look back at, time and time again. And if you’re in a negative space, that’s all you can see. You look for the negativity and you look for the cruel things,” Alexander said.


Hine said that the bullying was so bad, she started to harm herself “as a way to cope” before trying to end her life. Writing a suicide note helped her get through it, and she later turned to songwriting to deal with those feelings.


“I think it is worth reminding everyone that the human tragedy here is that real lives get affected,” William said. “We are responsible for our own action and our own lives.”

According to PEOPLE, William has brought some of the biggest media moguls including Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter together with children’s charities to help end cyberbullying.

Nicole is a content editor with Rare. 
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