Prince William had Kate in stitches with his excellent horse impersonation, and TV cameras captured the whole thing

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s no secret that the Royal Family likes horses. They’re incredibly rich, and incredibly rich people are usually really into equestrianism and polo and other horse-related sports. But if this hilarious footage is anything to go by, Prince William doesn’t just like horses. He is one!

The clip comes from the 2017 Royal Variety Performance — a televised variety show held annually in the United Kingdom to raise money for the Royal Variety Charity. In it, the Duke of Cambridge himself is encouraged by a group of kids to gallop like a horse, and it’s just as funny as it sounds.

The kids in question are the cast of the West End musical “Annie.” They’re on stage having just finished a performance of their own, when the show’s host, comedian Miranda Hart asks one of the stars if she’d like to ask William a question.

“Please sir, will you gallop with us?” the little girl asks, before William stands up and showed off his brilliant horse impression — much to the delight of the audience, as well as his wife, Kate Middleton.

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This footage will probably come back to haunt the Duke’s kids, George and Charlotte, when they’re in high school.

In other royals news, a recent report in US Weekly suggests that George and Charlotte may not be a spoiled as one might assume.

“They’re both extremely careful,” a source with close ties to the Middleton family said of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s parenting skills in the most recent issue of the magazine.

The siblings will obviously be getting their fair share of presents from Father Christmas, however. George is reportedly “obsessed with anything on wheels, BMX bikes, skateboards and toy cars,” whereas Charlotte is rumored to be getting some sort of dollhouse.

Fans from around the globe regularly send in presents to the royal toddlers, but these are all donated to toy banks and other children’s charities, the source claimed. “Receiving that many gifts wouldn’t have a good effect on the kids,” said the source, going on to clarify that, to William and Kate, the idea of their kids becoming spoiled brats is “their worst nightmare.”

“I think William and Kate love Christmas just as much as George and Charlotte. For them, it’s about coming together and enjoying the holiday,” the source added.

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