Singer Rita Ora isn’t going to forgive Gordon Ramsay any time soon after she was turned away at one of his restaurants.

Ora revealed on “The Jonathan Ross Show” that she wasn’t “dressed the part” when she tried to dine at one of Ramsay’s famous restaurants.

“What were you wearing?” Ross asked.

“I was just wearing a trackie [track suit]. I’m kind of like a tomboy, so I’m usually just wearing a trackie and trainers [sneakers]. So I think it was a dress code or something,” she said before turning to the chef. “Can I just ask now, can I come to one of your to one of your restaurants?”

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“Yes, you can!” Ramsay agreed.

Before Ora got too excited, she wanted to make one thing clear: “But for free, though?” she joked.

Ramsay laughed along with her and pressed for more information about who turned her away, but Ora kept tight-lipped to protect the innocent.

Probably the best move if she wanted great service!

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