Sadie Robertson shares inspiration and this important message for young people with her new tour

This fall, “Duck Dynasty” daughter, “Dancing With The Stars” runner-up and all-around sweetheart Sadie Robertson is taking her squad on the road to connect with fans and share her message of “going from chained to changed.”

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“The Live Original Tour is hard to put into words because it’s never been done before,” Robertson told Rare. “I think it’s going to be one of those things that you have no idea what to expect when you come in, but you leave and you can’t wait for the next one.”

The 17-date tour has stops in San Antonio, Baton Rouge, Birmingham and more beginning Sept. 22. Robertson will be joined by her “squad” — brother John Luke Robertson and his wife, Mary Kate; cousin Cole Robertson; and cousin Reed Robertson and his fiancée, Brighton Thompson. Also joining the tour is filmmaker Max Zoghbi and his wife, Bonnie Kate. Bonnie Kate has been sharing her story since being injured in the 2012 movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

“We tell people if you’re struggling with something, just talk to one of us, because one of us has done it, been through it or knows about it enough to talk to you about it,” said Sadie Robertson, whose own experiences with fear and anxiety inspired part of the theme for the Live Original Tour: to break free from things that chain you.

“For me, I was chained to fear,” said Robertson. “I was wrapped up in anxiety and fear. I was changed because God changed me … but I know everyone has a different story.”

Robertson and her squad will share stories filled with faith, inspirational messages, performances and Q&A sessions. Attendees can also look forward to a performance by Family Force 5, a rock group from Atlanta, and worship musicians Love & The Outcome.

“I didn’t want this to be something that you go to and you just have to listen to us talk,” Robertson told Rare. “We have come up with super cool scenes and ideas and videos and movement … for people to see what they’re chained to and how they can change.”

Robertson has more than 3 million fans across her social platforms. She vlogs (video blogs) from her YouTube channel, and also shares updates, positive messages, and encouragement to her followers on Instagram.

“The whole point … is so that we can meet our fans and that we can really pour so much love into our fans,” she said. “We can really show them how to live original and how we do it and how you can do it. You’re going to change, you’re going to realize that you can change; it’s possible.”

Live Original” is the name of Robertson’s New York Times best-selling book and lifestyle message that encourages people to stay true to themselves and their values.

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Robertson’s 17-date tour has stops in San Antonio, Baton Rouge, Birmingham and more beginning Sept. 22. is giving Sadie fans the opportunity to win a VIP Package for the Live Original Tour.

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  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Friday, Sept. 23
  • Kansas City, Missouri: Saturday, Sept. 24
  • Denver, Colorado: Sunday, Sept. 25
  • Phoenix, Arizona: Tuesday, Sept. 27
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico: Wednesday, Sep. 28
  • Houston, Texas: Friday, Sept. 30
  • San Antonio, Texas: Saturday, Oct. 1
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Sunday, Oct. 2
  • New York City: Thursday, Oct. 6
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: Friday, Oct. 7
  • Indianapolis, Indiana: Saturday, Oct. 8
  • Chicago, Illinois: Sunday, Oct. 9
  • Charlotte, North Carolina: Thursday, Oct. 13
  • Jacksonville, Florida: Friday, Oct. 14
  • Birmingham, Alabama: Saturday, Oct. 15
  • Nashville, Tennessee: Sunday, Oct. 16

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