Sam Rockwell accidentally dropped the F bomb on “SNL” — and Twitter is cringing


When Golden Globe winning actor Sam Rockwell made his “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut on the evening of Jan. 13, he was probably hoping to wow viewers with his impeccable comedic timing — but they ended up being stunned by his potty mouth instead.

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That’s right, the “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” star dropped the F-bomb during his very first sketch!

The cringeworthy incident occurred during a PBS parody skit called “Science Show” that also featured regular “SNL” cast members Cecily Strong and Mikey Day. Rockwell plays a Bill Nye-esque science teacher who attempts to teach two of his more intellectually challenged students about the wonders of science using experiments.

In fact, Strong and Day played dumb so well that Rockwell couldn’t help but go off-script:

“You can’t be this fucking stupid,” he exclaimed.

Needless to say, the great minds over at Twitter dot com had an absolute field day!

Variety’s Brian Steinberg pointed out that Rockwell wasn’t the first person to drop the F-bomb on the show:

Kristin Stewart’s potty mouth got the better of her during her opening monologue last February: “OK, so we’ve got a great show,” Stewart said, “and I totally care that I’m here ’cause it’s the coolest fucking thing ever.”

You can watch the Rockwell’s (censored) science teacher sketch below:

And his opening monologue here:

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