Selena Gomez has is more concerned about giving back than her “13 Reasons Why” critics

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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Selena Gomez was one of the forces behind Netflix special “13 Reasons Why.”

Though the show quickly gained praise from viewers, critics also accused the show of glorifying teen suicide.

Regardless of the criticism, Gomez told E! Network that she hoped to “inspire everybody at home to just find a way to give back.”

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“I’m a little overwhelmed and very surprised,” she said about the success of the show:

I mean I believed in the project for so long and I understood what the message was. I just wanted it to come across in a way that kids would be frightened, but confused—in a way that they would talk about it because it’s something that’s happening all the time. So, I’m overwhelmed that’s it’s doing as well as it’s doing.

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