As Serena Williams comes close to the end of her pregnancy, she’s experiencing some very strong — and very strange — cravings.

On Saturday morning, the tennis star’s fiance Alexis Ohanian posted a video on Instagram, which features his Friday night trip to the grocery store to get Williams exactly what she was craving.

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“It’s Friday night, I’m at Publix, going shopping ’cause my fiancé has cravings. I was told there would be cravings. I was not told they would be these,” he said, holding up a bunch of produce. “Zucchini, asparagus and…what’s this one called again? Artichoke. There we go. Really?? There are her cravings. It’s amazing.”

I was told there would be late-night cravings. 😒😒😒 🌽🥒🥕

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Williams’ pregnancy cravings are certainly unusual amongst most pregnant women, as most women prefer sweets while pregnant, but they’re definitely not unhealthy. While some believe cravings can indicate an unborn baby’s sex — which Williams would like to be a surprise — there’s no scientific evidence to back up those old wives’ tales.

Williams and Ohanian are due to welcome their first child together next month. They announced their pregnancy earlier this year after getting engaged in December.

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Serena Williams’ fiance Alexis Ohanian reveals her very unusual pregnancy cravings Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File
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