Shannen Doherty shares a powerful photo as she reflects on her journey with chemotherapy


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Videos by Rare

As Breast Cancer Awareness month continues, Shannen Doherty took time to think back to her chemotherapy sessions while battling breast cancer, posting a powerful photo on Instagram in the process.

“This photo represents so much of my journey with chemo,” she wrote alongside a picture of her. “I had completed my first chemo session. Was on steroids and yet so sick. Bloated yet throwing up. I had to be hooked up to get hydrated because I couldn’t keep even water down. Chemo is different for everyone. Some tolerate it better than others.”

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“At the time, I remember thinking it couldn’t get much worse,” she continued. “I was wrong. Yet I am here today. A different person than I was. I don’t think I’ve yet discovered all the ways cancer changed me. As I told someone recently….. I am a work in progress and I’m ok with that.”

The self-proclaimed “cancer slayer” is now in remission after undergoing both chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments. She kept fans up-to-date on her journey via social media and has recently been sharing intimate thoughts and pictures in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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