Shannen Doherty shows of her tight core in an insane workout with her mom and trainer

Instagram/Shannen Doherty

Talk about a killer workout!

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On Tuesday, “Cancer Slayer” Shannen Doherty worked on tightening her core with her mother, Rosa, and friend, Jam Malibu.

“Just some #ordinarytuesday ab work, calling out @sarahmgellar and Kiera. #boomboomboom,” she wrote alongside the video of herself doing leg lifts on the floor.

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“I love that form, Shannen,” her trainer encouraged.

Doherty tried to laugh through the pain and called on BFF Sarah Michelle Gellar to join her the next time.

“Sarah, you are next. You can’t hide in New York forever,” Doherty teased.

In January, Doherty completed her chemo and radiation treatments. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.

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