‘The Mighty Ducks’ Actor Arrested, Is Almost Unrecognizable

Fans of The Mighty Ducks had quite a shock this morning when news broke of Shaun Weiss’ recent arrest. Police found Weiss in Oroville, California and arrested him “for being under the influence of drugs,” per the Oroville Public Safety Department’s Facebook post. He was later booked in the Butte County Jail for public intoxication after behaving erratically.

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He was held behind bars until he sobered up and was later released without charges, a typical occurrence for public intoxication arrests. PEOPLE contacted Lt. Chris Nicodemus, who shared that Weiss amused the officers with his humor and wasn’t combative in the least.

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As goalie Greg Goldberg in The Mighty Ducks, actor Shaun Weiss charmed his way into the hearts of many ’90s kids who also remember him from roles in Charles in Charge; Pee-wee’s Playhouse; The Tony Danza Show; Boy Meets World; Sabrina, the Teenage Witch; Heavyweights; D2: The Mighty Ducks; D3: The Mighty Ducks; Freaks and Geeks; The King of Queens; and Drillbit Taylor, per his IMDB page.

This also wasn’t The Mighty Ducks actor’s first arrest as he was charged with misdemeanor meth possession in 2017 in California almost one year ago. The child star was sentenced to 90 days in jail then and was also sentenced to 150 days in jail from petty theft, stealing about $151 in merchandise from Fry’s Electronics store, as reported by E! News.

Too many child actors fall from grace, and star Shaun Weiss, born in New Jersey, certainly isn’t the first. However, social media exploded with commentary on this arrest photo that points out how unrecognizable he really is.

For now, we hope the actor finds the peace he needs in Northern California and that he avoids all future criminal proceedings. We’ll never be able to look at The Mighty Ducks films again after seeing this arrest photo.

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