She’s ready to meet her haters in the ring, after backlash from a breastfeeding post Facebook Screenshot

Jackie Owens is a ring girl for the Nemesis Fight Alliance Mixed Martial Arts.

In a room full of thousands, she stands I n the center of the ring, wearing a revealing two-piece bikini and a pair of high heels.

“I am paid to wear similar bikinis, booty shorts, revealing tops, take pictures with fighters and members of the audience. These pictures also circulate through the Internet: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube videos of fights, people that I don’t even know share pictures with me on pages of theirs,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

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As a mom to three beautiful children, Owens was stunned that her audience felt more comfortable with her image as a promiscuous ring girl versus the image of her breastfeeding.

“That’s when the criticism started in — people saying those are private moments that shouldn’t be on the Internet, that I needed to cover up, that I was posting it for attention — the normal shaming,” she told

Owens shared a side-by-side photograph of her wearing a bikini in the center of the ring and breastfeeding her one-year-old for the entire world to see.

“It was completely hypocritical to me. I don’t know how the natural one is offensive when the other one isn’t — the one where I’m being paid to be in the public eye for attention to my body,” Owens said. “Why was that OK? If one instance is OK with you, I don’t think you have a very good argument to say that the other one is offensive.”

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Born in Richwoods, Missouri, Owens’ children are at the ages of 6, 2, and 1. Her Facebook post went viral and has also been shared on various mommy blogs including The Badass Breastfeeder.

She is proud that a majority of the feedback has been positive and uplifting to outweigh the rest. But Jackie Owens the ring girl isn’t afraid to go round-for-round with her haters guilty of “hypocrisy.”

“If seeing the picture on the left is ok with you, then seeing the picture on the right should be ok with you.”

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