Carnie Wilson claims that shock jock Howard Stern fat shamed her when she appeared on his show in 1999.

The singer opened up about the “humiliating” incident on Nov. 8 during an appearance on “The Talk.”

“When I walked in, the producer, Gary, said, ‘Step over here and wait for Howard.’ Well, I didn’t know this, but I was stepping on a scale. And I looked up and in red, big numbers, 233 lbs. showed up on this thing. And I went, ‘Wait a minute?’ and I looked down, and all I could think was, ‘Howard, ready to shame me?’ They purposely did it,” she said.

The incident allegedly took place just nine weeks after Wilson underwent gastric bypass surgery. She said that at the time of the appearance, she had lost about 50 pounds. She appeared on the show with then-fiancé, now-husband Rob Bonfiglio, whom she claimed was questioned by Stern about how he could be with a woman who was overweight.

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“He went nuts, just because he loves to fat-shame, he does. He always has. … You know the way Howard is, always glamouring all these thin women. But this is what happened, I always get Howard by the cajones. … I said, ‘You know what, you’re really a piece of …’ I gave it back to him. I said, ‘This man really loves me, and I am beautiful,’” she continued. “ … And [Stern] said, ‘You know what, I adore you.’ It’s like a joke to him. But it wasn’t to me.”

“It was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. I remember going back to the hotel, and I cried. I was so devastated and so embarrassed. Humiliated, really,” she said.

Weight loss has been an issue for Wilson, as it is for many others throughout their lives. In 2012, she revealed she underwent surgery again to have a lap-band implanted on her stomach, according to PEOPLE.

Stern has not yet commented on Wilson’s story.

Nicole is a content editor with Rare. 
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