Singer’s emotional and depressing tattoo takes internet by storm


One singer found a creative way to remember her grandmother with the use of technology and a little bit of ink.

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Singer, singwriter, and producer s.o.s., who uses Twitter handle @sakyrahh, posted a video where she used her tattoo to hear a birthday message from her grandmother. She explained that her grandmother passed away when she was a junior in high school. Before she passed, the singer’s grandmother left her a very special voicemail containing a birthday message.

The singer used an app to translate the message into a sound wave and got the sound wave tattooed on her chest. She can use an app to play the sound whenever she wants to hear her grandmother’s voice.

She shared the app to answer any questions people might have had.

People were a bit confused.

One Twitter user attempted to explain.

But there were still some questions to be had.

One user shared her own special tribute to her grandmother who had also passed on.

Others were just intrigued.

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