This ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Has an Instagram Dedicated to Sausages

When you think of Game of Thrones, do you think of sausages?

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Yeah, me neither, but for Sophie Turner, that is a whole different story! HBO’s Game of Thrones star, who also stars in the X-men franchise, is widely known for portraying the powerful Sansa Stark, but did you know she is a secret Instagram food blogger? Yes, she has a “secret” Instagram account dedicated to sausages in real life!

Hmm. Is this a thing now? Are Hollywood stars now getting into secret food Instagram’s? Just last year, Lorde confessed to her secret Instagram @onionringsworldwide, where she rated the onion rings she ate, given them a score of one to five each. Although she tried to keep her instagram private, fans discovered she was managing the account, and immediately shut it down. The star felt too much pressure and didn’t want the situation to get out of hand by it reading “too relatable.”

Not for Turner, the 22-year-old actress still has her account open and is going for the long run. It’s safe to say she already has a job lined up for when the series ends next year! The wonders of social media.

The instagram account called “@sophiessausagereviews” shows off different sausages around the world, rating them from 1 to 10. The actress focuses on skin, taste, size and texture. How do we know she’s passionate about sausages? Well, her description on the account reads, “Passionate Bout The Saus.” Good enough for me!

The first post was posted back in April 2018, and was rated as a 7/10, that Turner ate at London’s Heathrow Airport in England.

The actress visited two spots, in Los Angeles. The first was in Melrose Avenue, where the actress gave it a 8/10 due to the perfect turkey to herb ratio. Later, that day the actress posted another sausage picture taken at Animal Restaurant, where she gave the sausage a low mark of 4/10, due to it being “more bitty than expected.” The actress introduced the hashtag #sausagesurpriseoftheweek to draw in more followers.

As of now, the British actress has about 41,600 followers, with a few more reviews on the page, and even shared a photo of herself holding a sausage maker, proving it is indeed her Instagram. Judging by her rating skills, it’s clear she is a big fan of sausage and is quite knowledgeable in the area. We’re still waiting for that 10/10, but for now, if you’re close to the restaurants she’s reviewed, give them a try!

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