Steve Harvey is a pretty good Irish dancer, but these “Little Big Shots” are still the best

“Little Big Shots” host Steve Harvey refuses to back down on any challenge, including an Irish dance battle.

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As the young group, called Cleary Irish Dance, teaches Steve a few beginner’s moves. Surprisingly, he gets them right.

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“Do dances have odd names?” Steve asked.

“There’s one called Miss Brown’s Fancy,” said one of the girl dancers. One of her male dance mates proceeded to say, “And there’s one called Kilkenny Races.”

“What?” Steve asked in confusion. “Kill Kenny the racist?” he said.

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The audience laughed, and the young dancer corrected him. “Not ‘racist.’ ‘Races,’ the plural of ‘race.'”

“Oh,” Steve said. “Well it sounded like you said ‘racist’ and I didn’t wanna do the damn dance.'”

While Steve’s hearing may not be too good, he sure knew how to kick and jump high like an Irishman.

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