Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, and Martin Short Have Colonoscopy Parties Together, Seriously

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There’s nothing like having good friends to share the good and the bad with. Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Tom Hanks take this very seriously- as seriously as their health. As they age and try to take care of their bodies, they confessed that they have started having colonoscopy parties every couple of years.

Yes, you read that right, colonoscopy parties. Because regular parties are so overrated now. We were blessed with this definite need-to-know-not-at-all-TMI information thanks to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show. Steve Martin and Martin Short were on the show promoting their comedy tour and Netflix special, “An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest Of Your Life.” They also discussed everything from work, films, and preventative health care.

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Videos by Rare

“Colonoscopy Eve”

In more detail, the trio spends the evenings before their colonoscopies at Steve Martins’s home. They have adopted the Canadian phrase for their evening, calling it a “Colonoscopy Eve”. They have jello and follow the all-liquid diet they’re instructed to adhere to prior to the procedure and make a night of it. The next day they all go into a private clinic to get the exam. The boys have gotten creative with everything about the colonoscopy process. They play cards to determine who has to go last, one of the three or their other friend Walter Parks, who often attends these parties.  Then they all drive together.

There is a catch to the parties, however. It’s necessary to empty the bowels to prep for the exam. One of the parts of the liquid diet is drinking what is probably some form of a laxative. In Martin and Short’s words, the bathroom looked like “Day 14 of a Carnival Cruise” by 10pm, just 5 short hours after they arrive. The bathroom also was compared to “..look[ing] like a Jackson Pollock.”

So take from that what you will, it’s for their health okay?!?! Short-razzed Martin believes we can all take a page from their friend’s book. They stick together and go regularly to obtain their health, now that is what friendship and love are all about.

If you are over the age of 45, regular colon cancer screenings are recommended for early detection and prevention. Steve Martin says that it helps to keep them each accountable and that the Colonoscopy Eve is a “great way to do something that you should do.”

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