There are few things cuter than seeing David Harbour get his groove on with some of the purest animals on the planet.

As Mashable reported in January, the “Stranger Things” actor reached out to Greenpeace and asked how many retweets he would need to accumulate to be sent where he could dance with emperor penguins.

A very specific request.

The environmental group responded and told him that he’d need to grab over 200,000 retweets to be successful. The challenge was set and eventually met thanks to all of the people wanting to see him do “the Hopper dance” with the flightless birds.

Earlier in the week, Harbour shared precious videos of his dream coming true.

He asked his new friends if they watched “Stranger Things” and we’re going to guess that their answers translate to “No.”

People were excited for him.

Seriously, the moment was just a delight to see.

Some even thought he proved himself qualified to take on other endeavors.


Whether it’s chilling with penguins, showing up in yearbook pictures or even officiating someone’s wedding, we can honestly say that Harbour is living his best life.


Well done!

(H/T Twitter)

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