Everyone Told Susan Sarandon Not to Have Kids (She Didn’t Listen)

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“‘Are you crazy? Don’t!” That’s the kind of “advice” Susan Sarandon would get when she mentioned she was planning to have another baby. Luckily, the actress didn’t listen. Now, the Rocky Horror Picture Show star is a proud mom to three grown children: Miles, Jack, and Eva Amurri.

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In this article, get to know the super cool kids of the Academy Award-winning actress and find out what they’re up to today.

Eva Amurri Martino (Father: Franco Amurri)

Susan Sarandon divorced her first husband Chris Sarandon in 1979 — long before starring in flicks like The Hunger, The Witches of Eastwick, Thelma and Louise, Lorenzo’s Oil, and The Client. After a brief relationship with David Bowie, Susan started dating Italian filmmaker Franco Amurri. Not too long after their first date, the Dead Man Walking star was surprised to discover that she was pregnant. (Spoiler: the baby would grow up to be her daughter Eva Amurri.)

Although the filmmaker and Oscar-winner would never marry, they did co-parent amicably. Eva, born in 1985, would grow up to follow in her mother’s footsteps. The actress has appeared in television series like CalifornicationNew Girl, and Undateable. She even joined her mom on the big screen in the movie Mothers and Daughters.

Eva is married to former soccer player Kyle Martino, with whom she has two kids, a daughter Marlowe and son Major.

Jack Henry Robbins (Father: Tim Robbins)

Susan met her co-star, actor Tim Robbins on the set of Bull Durham in 1988. A year into their relationship, the Golden Globe Award winner became pregnant with her second child and eldest son, John “Jack” Henry Robbins. Jack would grow up to join his mom and half-sister in Hollywood. But unlike his mom and sis, Jack works behind the camera,  he’s directed and written for movies like  Hot Winter: A Film by Dick Pierre, Opening Night, and Painting with Joan. 

Miles Guthrie Robbins (Father: Tim Robbins)

Born in New York City in 1992, Miles Robbins is the second child shared by Susan and Tim. Like the rest of his sibs, Susan’s son Miles was drawn to show business. He is an actor, best known for films like Blockers, Halloween, and Daniel Isn’t Real. Miles has also worked as a DJ and is a member of the psychedelic pop group Pow Pow Family Band.

Most recently, Susan was dating SPiN New York co-founder, Jonathan Bricklin. After breaking up in 2015 after five years of dating, the Screen Actors Guild Award winner has been enjoying her singlehood, focusing on her career, social and political activism, and, of course, her awesome family.

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