TD Bank is officially the best in the game, and a few loyal customers have the tears to prove it YouTube Screenshot

“Sometimes you just want to say ‘Thank You,'” TD Bank stated in a recent YouTube video. “So we turned ATMs into Automated Thanking Machines.”

As loyal customers from various cities in Canada approached the ATM to submit their personal information and get some cash, they were stunned to hear the machine talk back.

“Hello there! I’m here to thank you,” said the machine.

While the words “thank you” are truly significant, at TD bank, showing it is what really matters. For each customer that stopped by, the ATM offered a gift.

One mother received tickets to Disney World for her two young children. A Blue Jays fanatic was given a jersey, a hat and a special visit from the team’s right fielder, José Antonio Bautista. And perhaps the most significant, a Trinidadian woman was rewarded a trip home to see her only daughter, who has cancer.

“A ‘thank you’ can change someone’s day,” wrote TD Bank at the end of the YouTube video. It sure can.


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