The “America’s Got Talent” judges were completely blown away by this mind-reader’s incredible act


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Colin Cloud blew everyone’s minds on “America’s Got Talent!”

On Tuesday night, Cloud took the stage and brought up judges Howie Mandel and Mel B for a little assistance in his act. To start things off, Cloud instructed Mel B to think of any word, raise her hands toward him and close her eyes. As her eyes were closed, Cloud licked the palm of her hand and correctly guessed that she had previously eaten that day: eggs and chips. (He also handed her a sanitizing wipe to clean her hands.)

Then he turned to Mandel who refused to show him his hands.

“No!” Mandel screamed and clasped his hands together.

“I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare,” Cloud laughed and instructed Mandel to try to open his iPhone using any six digits. When the phone didn’t open, Cloud asked the other three judges, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and DJ Khaled to think of random numbers to put into the phone. After the remaining three judges gave their guesses, Cloud “channeled” his inner Mandel and put on glasses similar to the pair of frames worn by the “AGT” judge.

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“The last three digits are going to pop into your head,” he said. “Whatever feels right, press.”

Somehow, Mandel was able to think of the final three numbers, and the phone was open!

And, finally, Cloud turned his attention back to Mel B and shared a secret he knew she was thinking. By the look on her shocked face, it was something good!

“I didn’t just whisper, ‘Act surprised, play along.’ That’s genuine, yes?” Cloud asked.

“Oh my Gosh,” she exclaimed. “There’s no way! There’s no way!”

Cloud then asked Mel B to stand in front of him with her back to a corner of the audience. He told a row of people to stand up and show the cards he gave to them before the act to ensure that this part of the act could not be changed.

The letters spelled out “Goddess.”

“Tell us, what word are you thinking of to describe yourself?” Cloud asked.

“Well, to start, I think every woman is this but, I think of myself as a goddess,” she said. When she turned around to see that was the word he guessed, Mel B. totally freaked out! “How did you do that?!”

“America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

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