The cause of the accident that resulted in the death of an “America’s Got Talent” contestant has been revealed


Dr. Brandon Rogers, 29, passed away last weekend in a car accident in Maryland. The doctor was set to appear on “America’s Got Talent,” where he would show off his singing skills. According to TMZ, new details about the accident that cut Rogers’ life short have emerged.

According to the crash report, Rogers was in the front passenger seat of the car. He and two friends were heading home when the driver nodded off. The driver “drifted onto the right shoulder, went off road and struck the tree.”

The driver would tell the police that he’d “recently finished a long shift at work.”

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The passenger in the back seat was unharmed in the accident. The police do not believe “alcohol or drugs” played a part in the accident.

Rogers’ episode has yet to air, as the “AGT” producers are still unsure whether or not to air the footage. A production source said NBC “will take the family’s guidance regarding how to best respect his memory in relationship to the episode he appears in.”

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