The critics were quick to slam Jessica Simpson when she posted a family photo from her Halloween celebrations with her kids and husband.

In the photo, Simpson is posed in her Halloween costume with her husband Eric Johnson dressed up as Waylon Jennings, daughter Maxwell dressed as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” and son Ace dressed as a cute little cowboy.

The backlash surprisingly had nothing to do with Simpson’s sexy take on country legend Willie Nelson, complete with Daisy Dukes, a nod to her previous role in “Dukes of Hazzard.” No, some fans were overly upset by the fact that Simpson dyed her daughter’s blonde locks a dark brown for the Halloween look.

Willie, Waylon, Belle and Cowboy Ace #Halloween2017

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“Please don’t tell me she dyed her daughter’s hair!!” one critic wrote in the comments section.

Another fan wrote, “Why would you color your daughters hair at such a young age??????????????????????”

Some commenters were quick to come to Simpson’s defense writing, “Omg people. It’s a Halloween costume and she’s going as Belle. Belle has brown hair. It’s not that serious. It’s probably a wash off. So dramatic.”

Another Simpson defender added, “It’s hair … who cares … and she looks just as beautiful as a brunette as she does a blonde! It will wash out eventually… it’s HAIR.”

A source close to Simpson came to her defense and assure anyone who is concerned that Maxwell is still a blonde.

“It was a spray in color for her costume,” a source told US Weekly.

Everyone calm down. It totally washed out.

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