A newborn baby almost got his first grounding for a pretty hilarious reason YouTube/James Perry Screenshot

The dad is really excited to welcome home his newborn son.

James Perry can hardy believe he has such a cute little baby. He and his brand new son  are having a long and meaningful talk while taking a bath.  Dad is so entranced with every move the little guy makes. The baby enchants him with hand-waving , splashing and sneezing. The conversation is pretty one-sided but the little one seems to be enjoying it.

There’s one thing that worries Dad a little: a few bubbles beneath the surface of the water.  He perceives the threat of a bathroom break in the tub. It’s possible that bubbles are just bubbles. Wise dad takes no chances with that.  “Any bubbles and I swear you are grounded,” Perry tells his son.

So far it seems like this new dad is doing everything right. First of all, he’s good-looking and fit. He has nice tattoos if you’re into that. He’s following some of the most common tips for bonding with a new baby: use lots of physical contact, be involved in the baby’s everyday routine, and talk to your baby.

After drying the little one off, experts also recommend singing, tickling and  reading (even the newspaper will do). The important thing is for dads to spend as much time as possible with their babies and to become a central force in their lives right from the beginning.  The final tip: take a lot of photos and videos. This one’s been seen millions of times.

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