Everyone loves Kate Middleton (aka Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, wife to Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge).

Here are eight reasons we think she’s an inspiration to young women everywhere.

1. She’s poised.

2. She’s friendly to others. After all, Kate wasn’t always part of the royal family. Maybe that’s why she makes such an effort to be a friend to the people in London and around the world.

3. Her smile lights up the room. Seriously, what a smile!

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4. She’s good with kids, and not just little George and Charlotte! Kate is involved with a handful of charity organizations, many of which help children in one way or another.

5. She’s sporty. Remember that time she caught some waves?

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6. She knows how to have fun.

7. She knows when to be tough, boxing gloves included.

8. She has a great sense of style. (Here was her first spread in Vogue.)

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