King Charles Dances “All Night Long” During Lionel Richie’s Coronation Performance

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King Charles couldn’t help but get his groove on when Lionel Richie hit the stage! At his May 7 Coronation Concert, His Majesty was seen dancing along to the musician’s hit song, “All Night Long.”

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He wasn’t the only member of the royal family to shake his thing during the performance. Footage from the televised concert shows the majority of the audience swaying to the music, with some waving miniature union jack flags.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Richie, 73, also performed “Easy (Like Sunday Morning).”

King Charles III Dances to Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long”

Unfortunately, some viewers were not as impressed with Lionel Richie’s performance as the recently crowned monarch. Disgruntled fans took to Twitter to express their opinions of the singer’s vocals, the New York Post tells us.

“OK, is it just me or has Lionel Richie lost the ability to sing?” one user said. “He doesn’t sound like himself at all.”

Another wrote, “Hello, Met Police, I’d like to report a murderer. Yes, his name is Lionel Richie and the victim is his own song.”

However, one fan pointed out that the real issue may not have been Richie’s voice, but the equipment he was using.

“The sound of the main microphone is awful for all who used it,” they tweeted.

Lionel Richie playing at the Coronation Concert in Windsor, England. Leon Neal/Getty Images

Richie’s fellow concert headliner and American Idol judge, Katy Perry, has also become the butt of a few online jokes, though the topic wasn’t her voice. Perry wore a custom Vivienne Westwood gown during the performance whose shiny gold material many fans likened to a candy wrapper.

Perry’s performance was also a hit with the royals, especially with Princess Charlotte. The 8-year-old was spotted in the crowd singing along with the pop star.

Both singers appeared on Sunday’s episode of American Idol, livestreaming from the UK after their sets. Fans were delighted when the pair were joined on camera by King Charles and Queen Camilla, who thanked them for their performances.

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