Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly thinking about taking their long-distance relationship to the next level by confining it to one city.

According to E! News, the royal and his girlfriend have been discussing their future and the possibility of one of them moving to be closer to the other. Prince Harry just finished visiting Markle in Toronto, where she lives, but it might be one of the last time he has to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to see her.

“They hadn’t been together for a while, so it was exciting for both to see each other. Harry had planned to fly out this time as he felt it was unfair for Meghan to always be the one flying around, and she’d just come back from the U.S.,” a source said. “It’s nice getting away from London every now and then—although they both love London, too.”

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It seems Markle may even love London enough to move there for her royal beau.

“[They are] in an extremely solid and happy place at the moment. They aren’t rushing ahead at a ridiculous speed or making rash decisions,” another source added. “But, yes, they love each other very much and neither could imagine being without the other. They speak about the future a lot, whether it’s getting each other’s take on future career plans or where they’ll be as a couple. They talk about living in London—Meghan really sees herself moving, and he really wants that.”

Late Sunday night, Markle was photographed flying out of the Toronto International Airport. She reportedly arrived in London on Monday and is staying at Kensington Palace, where Prince Harry lives.

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