Let’s hear it for these kids!

On Thursday, Prince William and Prince Harry awarded some very well-deserving kids in honor of their late mother Princess Diana.

According to PEOPLE, the 20 heroes arrived at St. James’ Palace to receive the Legacy Award that was set up by Princess Diana’s charity that recognizes the “monumental impact” they make on society.

Among the recipients were American Jaylen Arnold, 16, who was honored for his work to help end bullying.

“It is really, really cool and I am still trying to process it,” Arnold told PEOPLE before heading back to the U.S. “I have never been out of the country, but here we are being invited to be awarded by them. I am honored by it.”

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Arnold, who is from Lakeland, Fla., said that he started his fight against bullying because of his experiences as a child.

Jaylen Arnold (left) with mom, Robin Arnold Eckelberger Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for World Of Children

“I want to be a voice for the kids who don’t have one,” he said of his decision to start his crusade.


I started to begin getting bullied when I was 8 years old because of Tourette’s, which is a neurological disability that I have that causes me to twitch and make weird noises. I was a huge target for bullies. The things that they would say and do to me and some other friends in that class, opened my eyes. All of us were too scared to tell anyone and it only got worse. Thousands upon millions of kids are being harassed each and every day and are too scared to say anything about it.

Arnold set up Jaylens Challenge, an online resource for anti-bullying support and information. After gaining national attention, Arnold began giving motivational speeches at school assemblies.


Now he feels honored to receive the award in the late princess’s name.

“Even though I wasn’t born when she passed away, I have read about the humanitarian work that she did. She is one of the most selfless figures I have seen – and I can see the genuine soul that she had and the giving nature that she had,” he said. “I feel like she was an angel.”

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