The Royal Family’s Queen Elizabeth II has shown her affinity for mastering the new era of technology. From Twitter to Facebook, she has certainly stayed up-to-date.

However, like many people, she has an old-school appreciation for writing things down with a pen and paper.

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This love for putting pen to paper is what made her appreciate a special gift she received from silversmith Hamilton & Inches in Scotland. The gift was a sterling silver post-it note holder created just for her.

According to, the company’s chief executive officer Stephen Paterson told the queen that a “little birdie” had told them that the gift would come in quite handy for the Queen.

Judging by her response, the “little birdie” was correct.

The Queen responded to the gift by saying, “Oh, that’s very kind. [It’s] very useful.”

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Although she obviously appreciated the gift, Prince Philip made sure to remind her, just in case she wasn’t exactly sure what it was for, that it was for “those sticky things.”

Queen Elizabeth visited the luxury silversmith as part of her tour of Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth II was touched by this special (and useful!) gift created just for her Associated Press
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