For any royal family fan who has ever wanted a peek inside one of Buckingham Palace’s kitchens, it’s your lucky day!

On Dec. 18, the royal family shared a behind-the-scenes look at the Palace’s kitchens as they prepare for the holiday season. The family first teased the sneak peek on social media, linking to an article on the family’s official website for more information.

The tweet teased a look at the kitchens as well as some of the secrets royals’ chefs use when making a favorite treat: the mince pies. Inside the article, Royal Pastry chef Kathryn Cuthbertson gave her top tips for making the royal family favorite.

“Give yourself plenty of time,” Cuthbertson said. Chef de Partie Victoria Scupham agreed and added, “pastry is not something that likes to be rushed.”

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The two pastry chefs will make well over 1,200 pies as the family prepares for the holiday season. There will be a few variations of the pies, too. One will be made slightly smaller than a traditional mince pie while another will be decorated with flaked almonds and another with a puff pastry. The mincemeat, made with dried fruits, spices, port, brandy, sherry, rum and suet (traditionally made with the fat around the kidney or other animal organs) is made months ahead of time and stored before the holiday season.

The kitchen will be busy making pies as well as festive cookies as the family preps for Christmas and the several guests and charities that will come through that day. Chocolate fiends would enjoy the roulade (chocolate cake roll) that is sliced and served on silver platter while more traditional folks may go for the festive gingerbread cookies.

Get the full recipe for Buckingham Palace’s mince pies here.

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