With all of the riches and fortunes at her disposal, one would think that Queen Elizabeth II would have no problem saying “out with the old, in with the new” but when it comes to her luggage, she likes things just the way they are.

According to PEOPLE, Queen Elizabeth II has been traveling with her same set of Globe-Trotter’s luggage since her 1947 honeymoon with Prince Philip! She is apparently so fond of the brand, that she has passed the love of Globe-Trotter’s luggage down to her grandson Prince William and his wife, Duchess Catherine.

The particular design favored by the Queen is likely from the Original collection created in 1897 and an updated version is available for purchase on the brand’s website.

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Though, Globe-Trotter’s luggage isn’t the only item Queen Elizabeth has kept through the years. Her Royal Highness also favors the British coat brand Barbour so much that instead of purchasing a new coat every few seasons, she returns her old one to be refurbished. Actress Helen Mirren was even spotted in a Barbour jacket in her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in the 2006 film, “The Queen.”

“The Queen, for example, when she sent her long jacket back to us, we said, ‘we’d like to present you with a new one ma’am.’ And, her secretary said ‘well, the Queen would be very pleased to accept your kind offer but she would like her old one back, please, reproofed,” Barbour chairman Dame Margaret Barbour told “CBS Sunday Morning” on a January 7 broadcast.

Some things are just better when they are worn in, even for the Queen.

The Queen never travels without this important possession she’s owned since her honeymoon in 1947 Photo by Smith Ellen-Pool/Getty Images
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