Hearts all across the world stopped during a recent Olympics event when a rogue squirrel dashed onto the course while Austrian snowboarder Daniela Ulbing was in the middle of her parallel giant slalom heat.

Ulbing managed to avoid hitting the squirrel and went on to finish at the top of her heat, but that didn’t stop the public from reacting to the squirrel’s close call with becoming road-kill (slalom-kill?).

One person affected by the near-accident was Josh Weinstein, a former writer for “The Simpsons.” Weinstein tweeted an image from the Olympics alongside a picture from an old episode of the animated classic, writing, “Simpsons predicted it.”

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The image comes from the episode “Mountain of Madness,” which originally aired on Feb. 2, 1997. In the episode, Homer and Mr. Burns go on a team-building exercise to a cabin in the mountains, only to get trapped during an avalanche. After striking a propane tank, the cabin goes flying through the mountains, hitting a squirrel along the way.

Twitter, of course, had some thoughts on the comparison.

Some, however, didn’t agree with Weinstein’s comparison.

Having been on the air for almost 30 years now, “The Simpsons” has been known to predict several real world events, including a Trump presidency and Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance.


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