The stunt coordinator from “Kill Bill” says he wasn’t “notified or consulted” prior to crash

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The shock waves from Uma Thurman’s candid New York Times interview are being felt all over Hollywood.

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As well as finally addressing the anger she had touched on in a November 2017 red carpet interview, Thurman also discussed her relationship with accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein and revealed details about her falling out with filmmaker Quentin Tarantino.

Thurman pointed to footage of a crash on the set of the film “Kill Bill” that she called “negligent to the point of criminality” to highlight her frustration with Tarantino. She clarified that she didn’t feel the director was intentionally being malicious, but it did cause her to reassess her friendship with him

Tarantino later responded, calling the crash a “horrendous mistake,” and it would seem that the stunt coordinator on the film would agree.

But now the plot has thickened.

In a recent email to The Hollywood Reporter, Keith Adams, the stunt coordinator on the “Kill Bill” movies, alleged that he and his entire stunt department were not on set when the accident took place. Perhaps this was due to Tarantino’s comment that the incident in which Thurman was injured wasn’t actually a stunt, rather, “It was just driving,” but Adams claimed that the outcome would’ve been very different had he been involved.

“No stunts of any kind were scheduled for the day of Ms. Thurman’s accident,” Adams claimed. “All of the stunt department was put on hold, and no one from the stunt department was called to set. At no point was I notified or consulted about Ms. Thurman driving a car on camera that day.”

“Had I been involved,” the stunt coordinator continued, “I would have insisted not only on putting a professional driver behind the wheel but also ensuring that the car itself was road-worthy and safe.”

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