The wife of Serena and Venus Williams’ father reveals dark new details about their crumbling marriage

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Tennis star Serena Williams’ father, Richard Williams, is in the midst of a heated divorce with his wife Lakeisha Juanita Williams.

Richard filed for divorce last month, claiming Lakeisha stole “social security checks and forg[ed] his signature to steal property right out from under him.” However, according to TMZ, some new details have come forward that suggest Richard may have been a much worse husband and father than realized.

In the new documents, Lakeisha alleges that Richard was “erratic and hostile.” While she denies the accusations Richard leveled at her, she claims Richard made her “afraid,” particularly for the health and safety of their five-year-old child.

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She alleges that Richard had “an arsenal of firearms including an AK-47” that she removed from their house — guns which she has “safeguarded” and is willing to submit to court if requested. She said this was to protect their child, who she also says has been neglected by Richard. Lakeisha claims she’s “been essentially raising their child on her own” and that “school officials, teachers and doctors will corroborate her claims.”

Lakeisha also claims that Richard will cut her off financially and “go all scorched earth” on her for airing these issues in court.

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