The woman they called “The Queen of MySpace” is dead


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Videos by Rare

In an internet world where teenagers would create fake online personas like XxXBeckyXxX or DaveXCore, there were few more popular than a girl known simply as ForBiddeN. ForBiddeN, aka Christine Dolce, was famous thanks to the social media site, MySpace, a place that defined the adolescence for many people who were teenagers in the mid 2000s. Among the many people who became Internet famous from MySpace such as professional troll and sometimes Nazi Tila Tequila, Dolce was among the most popular.

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News broke on Friday that Dolce had died at 35-years-old, a decade removed from the height of her online popularity, when her fans included members of Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction.

A 2006 profile about MySpace that dubbed Dolce “The Queen of MySpace,” explained her appeal.

“With not much more than a housepainter’s flair for eye shadow, a distaste for grammar, and cavernous cleavage that she shows off on her page in an array of custom-torn T-shirts, Dolce has also turned herself into a business,” James Verini wrote in Vanity Fair. “From the site she’s spun off a clothing line, Destroyed Denim, and attracted a manager and a retinue of hangers-on. They refer to themselves as Camp ForBiddeN.”

According to TMZ, Dolce died in early February of liver failure after struggling with alcohol abuse for many years.

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