Rain Brown is so proud of her mom Ami, and she’s making sure the world knows it.

No stranger to using her Instagram as a source of motivation for her followers, the 15 year old recently got especially personal to share a heartfelt tribute for the “ABP” matriarch, who recently overcome a life-threatening battle with cancer.

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“I would just like to give a very honest thank you to the most amazing woman that’s ever walked this earth,” she began. “Not only am I lucky enough to have met an angel and know an angel, but that angel is my mother. Honestly you inspire me more then anyone, and I’m so blessed to know I have people like you in my life that will support me no matter where I go and how I choose to get there.”

She continued, “You’ve never judged me or punished me but only taught me with love and with leading by great example. You’re the reason I am who I am and the reason I keep fighting, because if the sweetest most honest happiest person such as yourself can do it? So can I. #stayhappy #staystrong #motheranddaughter.”

The poignant message came just a month after Ami, 54, revealed that her most recent trip to the doctor’s office had confirmed what their family had prayed would be true: her advanced lung cancer had disappeared.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Ami shared that after medical professionals gave her a reported 3 percent survival rate, her recovery had truly been a “miracle.”

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“Just this past week I was thinking back about how very bad I really was. Entering that road was so dark and I was fearful,” Ami shared to the publication. “You hear the words chemo and radiation and you’re staring down that dark road and I want other people to know that it’s petrifying but you need to keep a little light. I hope they can see that I made it through and that gives them hope. It’s very scary but I never gave up hope. You have to stay positive and keep God with you because he really does perform miracles.”


Since the amazing news, Ami and Rain, along with four of her five siblings — Gabe, Matt, Bear and Bird — and dad Billy Brown, took a trip to a NASA headquarters in California, where they were given the VIP treatment.

According to Radar, the big brood are relocating once more since the left the Alaskan bush in order to get Ami the best possible treatment. They settled in California while Ami recovered, but the publication is reporting that the reality TV favorites are now heading to Seattle. If the rumors prove not to be, one thing we can say for certain — as Rain’s beautiful message points out — is that they will absolutely keep supporting one another!

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