These groomsmen are about to surprise the bride with an epic dance — and the tutus are only the beginning

"These guys definitely put the time in to pull off this awesome wedding dance during the reception. Watch Nedo and his groomsmen bust out some hilarious moves while Alison watches in disbelief. Filmed in Slovenia. Dancers: -Miha Bevcer -Miran Goricanec -Nedo Grgic -Tomi Grgic -Marko Kerovec -Janez Elija Kos -Janez Novak -Matevz Pance -Bernard Sutic Choreography: Nina Sutic"

After the wedding, the groomsmen just couldn’t wait to pull out their dancing and singing moves for this surprise.

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Initially dressed in ballerina tutus, they get in formation.

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And the bride is completely surprised by it all. Watch how excited she gets.

Do the groomsmen deserve and E for effort or an A+?

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