This Boston doctor has killer dance moves, but you’ll be amazed by why he’s popping and locking off the clock

When Dr. Adnan Khera gets off work as an anesthesiology resident at Tufts University Hospital, he doesn’t take his scrubs off. Instead, he puts on a white, be-hashtagged lab coat and slips into a pair of dancing shoes.

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Khera does his mix of hip-hop and other street dancing around town to raise money for his charity, DoctorBeDancing, WBZ reports. His charity donates money each month to children’s charities, an animal rescue, the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Wounded Warrior Project.

He had been dancing in public for ages, but the charity angle struck him when someone, unsolicited, threw him money. While it’s admittedly odd for a doctor to take to the streets like that, he said his colleagues totally support him.

“It’s hard to argue with the charity aspect,” Khera said. “Even if you think it’s weird you go out and perform on the street, you can’t really argue with doing it for charity.”

He said people from all walks of life dance with him: homeless people, kids, parents, even a few hospital colleagues. He said it’s not that different from his day job, believe it or not.

“Being a doctor is a lot about caring and a lot about comfort,” Khera said. “You’re basically ultimately trying to form a connection with another human being and make their life better.”

Unorthodox busking isn’t new in Boston. Keytar Bear, profiled last year in Boston Magazine, once roamed the streets of Beantown toting that keytar while wearing a Ted costume (as in the Seth MacFarlane film character) and jamming out covers.

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